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Save Money

1. Costco – Their markup is capped at 15%. Great place to save when buying in bulk. They force sellers to lower their prices to be in their store. Because their business model is consumer-centric, we win. The $55 or $110 membership card more than pays for itself.

2. Chipotle – You can get a quick, somewhat healthy meal, packed with protein for under $7.

3. Amazon.com – Their prices have gone up a little bit as of Summer of 2014 but I love shopping online because I save gas and time. Amazon has almost everything you need.

4. Ebay.com – Ebay is a great place to buy odd-ball stuff and sometimes to even buy in bulk. I used to buy gift cards on Ebay but now their prices are higher than GiftCardRescue.com

5. Walmart.com – Buying through Walmart.com will save you money vs. buying in the store. It’s common to find products that are 10-15% cheaper than at store. You can get free shipping for orders over $50 or you can simply select to ship to store and pick up from a nearby store for free.


First, use your cash back rewards credit card – even if just 1%.

For example, anything I buy with my Mastercard rewards card, I get 1% back.

Second, sign up for Ebates. Ebates is only good for saving money online but they give you cash back in your account every time you buy through their links.

For example, before you buy at Walmart.com, login to your Ebates account and click the Walmart link and you’ll save 2% on your purchase right off the top.

cash back ebates

Click the Wal-Mart link to get 2% cash back for Wal-Mart. Ebates has many other stores.

Third, buy gift cards at a discount at GiftCardRescue.com. This gives your price a haircut before you ever buy.

For example, my girlfriend likes DSW shoes and shops their a few times a year. Today, she bought $100 worth of gift cards at 16% off. This takes 16% off at the register before any specials or store coupons.

gift card rescue promo code

You can save an additional $5 on your first purchase of $100 at GiftCardRescue.

As a first time bonus, you an get $5 discount on your first purchase of $100 with promo code GCRFIVE1. This took her discount to 21% off shoes – again before any coupons or specials.

If she decides to buy from DSW online, she can save a total of 22.5% off with an Ebates cashback of 1.5%.

Before you start saving money, make sure to look on Google. Use keywords like “best price”, “cheapest”, and “discounts” along with the product you’re searching for. There’s a good chance you will trigger ads at lower prices.


Site Updating

We are almost finished updating!  Back up 3:00pm tomorrow, Saturday 7/26/14.

In the meantime, check out GiftCardRescue.com.

See the book on Amazon: How to Save Money Intelligently